SS131 Extension




De Sanctis Costruzioni S.p.A. - A.N.A.S. -


Studio Speri was appointed for the construction design of the extension of the highway 131 “Carlo Felice”, between Km 93+400 and Km 99+500 and between km 99+500 and km 109+500. This project was part of a wider development on a regional scale aiming to improve the whole highway 131 “Carlo Felice”, which represents the main motorway system for the Sardinia Island.
Our scope was upgrading the level of circulation along the highway, improving accessibility, safety and comfort. In detail we were asked to:

  • Re-qualify the S.S. 131 to meet the latest international safety requirements.
  • Improve its accessibility, reduce downtime and enhance its operability.
  • Make it adequate for future traffic increase.

To fulfil all the requests the design focused on the existing situation and modified the infrastructure mainly by:
- widening the accesses and the ramps
- replacing the numerous intersections at ground level with elevated intersection and ramps.
In this way all the main areas of traffic jams and casualties where upgraded.
An example of the new layout was presented highlighting the new design approach, which had been previously agreed with the Commission for the Coordination of the project, and approved. Our work on site consisted on supervising the works and the materials used on site.

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