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Agro-food market




Ministero dell'Industria, Commercio e Agricoltura


Studio Speri, as leading team, won the competition for the expansion of agro-food market in Padua. The project involved the architectural, structural, M.E.P.design and construction supervision of the new buildings and refurbishment of the existing.

The area of the market, almost rectangular in shape, with a trapezoidal appendix (former main depots), it extends over a 163,000sq.m. The project involved an underground parking for a total of 15,500 sq.m., canopies and pedestrian links covered for around 10,700 m²; n° 4 new warehouses of total area of 19,500 sq.m. and roads, squares, including green areas, for a total of 22,000 sq.m. Architecturally the project took into account:

  • Organization of the areas, to identify clearly the different sectors of activity and required spaces and future expansions;
  • Organization of vehicular flows: goods in-out, internal connections and organization of walking routes;
  • New building positioning to allow an independent use;
  • Creation of an industrial and iconic image through the repetition of structural elements;
  • Environmental quality.
  • Structurally we used different techniques depending on the building/surrounding needs. For the foundations of three new buildings we used piles ø 600. For the fourth instead conic piles pushed into the ground. The columns are all in prefabricated concrete, circular in shape and are connected to the plinths “glasses” on site. For the cover of the parking were used pre-compressed omegas concrete elements. The links between the roof and prefabricated columns are composed of a spatial element whose components, tubular steel assembled by bolting, are arranged according to the edges of a square-based pyramid upside down.
    Roof floor is made from steel trusses, steel panels and polyurethane, and from prefabricated tiles with as gutter.
    The use of steel spatial structures in the main spaces allows cover big spaces without excess weight.

    The works were completed in full respect of the schedule, without any reservation and tested with positive results. The work has been terminated without increased the budget limits.

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