Casina di Raffaello




ARTELCO S.r.l. - Municipalità di Roma -


The “Casina Di Raffaello” is a 1.500 sq.m. neoclassical listed building located inside the Villa Borghese park in the center of Rome. It has been built by the Cardinal Scipione Borghese and use as country side residence. The restoration project intended to bring back the building to its original status demolishing all the additions occurred during the years. In order to achieve the best result an extensive archive research has been undertaken and existing pictures or paintings used to establish the original configuration. Furthermore the construction methods have been analyzed to be certain of what was original and what added on a second time. Those studies on the construction methods have also been used to rebuild the missing parts with the same techniques. Particular care has been taken on the materials used on the external finish on the “bugnato” and “opus reticulatum”.

Structurally the work has been very challenging. Through advanced finite elements software we analyzed the entire building and studied all the cracks in it to understand the status of each element and the reasons behind is deterioration. Than we separated the problems in different categories and using everywhere possible the traditional methods and original materials we elaborated the most appropriate solutions. An additional challenge comes from the introduction of technical plants. In order to comply with existing regulations we had to introduce and adequate electrical, mechanical and plumbing system. However the historical restoration required to conceal all the elements and use as less space as possible. The final result, as shown from the picture, made the client and us proud and gave back to the community a rare and beautiful building.

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