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Offices Conversion






Entirely developed by Studio SPERI, the project is aimed at the conversion of industrial buildings for commercial use.

The conversion involves 3 buildings of the former industrial complex for a total of 12,000 sq.m. and a new underground parking of 2,500 sq.m. The buildings, designed to accommodate offices, will also have conference rooms, bars, stores, staff canteen and other ancillary areas to support work activities. The outdoor areas will be use as car parking with plenty of green spaces.

Particular attention has been placed to provide maximum internal layout and energy efficiency with a careful design of the spaces, the external envelope and mechanical plant.

The facade is predominantly glazed with opaque parts cladded with metal panels. The glass windows are selective low emissive and externally protected from a shading systems to ensure maximum glare-free lighting and at the same time an exceptional energy performance.
Air conditioning systems with heat pumps guarantee the great performances and the right conditions of well-being both in winter and in the summer, ensuring the maintenance of temperature, air exchange and humidity control in any location.

An in-depth study of the layout at each level guarantee the maximum functionality and flexibility.

In one building has been introduced a green area that functions as informal meetings and break area in addition it provides a “chimney effect” thanks to the use of automated skylights.
The other buildings, organised mostly as open-plan provide areas where have private conversations, meetings and informal areas for team internal meeting or client informal space.
The canteen is designed as active area throughout the day and not just in the 2 hours of lunch. It will be bar, meeting area and conference are for big events, thus maximising the use of space.
All areas are equipped with raised floors, moving walls, AC units locally and centrally adjustable, dimmerable lights with internal light sensor to get maximum flexibility.

Minimized circulation allow to reach a percentage between NOA and NIA equal to 88%.

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