Pirelli Estate




Pirelli & C. Real Estate


We at Studio Speri are particularly proud of this work for the environmental aspects connected with it. We were involved in the detail design and construction design for the refurbishment of this mixed used building in the heart of Rome. We also operated as the contract administrator and health and safety responsible on site.
The building is made of 3 main wings (A, B, C) connected at the basements levels. From the 1st till the 6th floor there are offices and on the ground floor are located commercial activities. The refurbishment involved mainly the exterior of the building leaving for the inside a soft modernization.
The building made of steel and glass, very innovative when it was built, was on today standard too plain and most importantly totally thermally un-efficient therefore financially unviable.
We analysed all the primary and secondary steel structural elements as well the cladding metal elements and changed or repaired where necessary. All the single glazed windows were improved using a more efficient double glazed increasing so the thermal and acoustic insulation. We also changed the existing mullion with new more efficient. The ground floor received the same care with the introduction of new revolving doors and opening to comply with the new Italian regulation. Furthermore were introduced variable colour lights on the inside of the building to make it unique and always different.

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