Ex Alfa Romeo




SAC S.p.A. - Università Roma Tre -


The scope of the project consisted in the refurbishment of the 18.000 sq.m. ex Alfa Romeo factory and conversion in the Literature department for university “Roma Tre”. The original building was built on the late ‘50s with reinforced concrete and steel mullions for the windows; the roof is made of metal sheds. All those elements were hugely deteriorated and most of the structural work focused on the restoration and where necessary substitution of the original with similar elements. Also the concrete required in some areas particular attention and it has been framed with metal rings. Architecturally the proposed layout for the new spaces was made it very easy from the building characteristics. The lecture rooms were immediately located on the shade buildings because the roof configuration allows a perfect illumination of the rooms and good ventilation in warm weather condition.
The ex show room for the cars models was instead a perfect location for the main theatre that can guest a maximum of 420 people. The courtyard became the main internal piazza and it steps up creating a perfect separate space use by the students in their free time. At one end of this piazza an old warehouse has been converted in bar/restaurant with tables on the square. Other areas, like the library and the administration have been located at the other end of the building in a more quiet space to allow the student to concentrate. This refurbishment shows how some times old building, that are part of the history of a city, can be successfully reuse for different activities and still be perfectly adequate.
The conformation of the sheds, the internal court and the show room, all perfectly fit in the university needs and give the student a fantastic and unique space.

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