Ex Tobacco Factory




Donati S.p.A.


Studio Speri won this challenging competition for the refurbishment and restoration of the existing Tobacco Factory in Italy. We were asked to transform the building in the Literature University of Bari and carefully restore the original parts. The development included a theatre for 240 people, 32 rooms for lectures, several special purpose room, a student centre with bar, a library, teacher rooms, administration and services for a total area of 14.000 plus 4.055 sq.m. of parking. The restorations required an accurate analysis of the existing reinforced concrete, metal and masonry structures in order to consolidate them for the additional loads that the new floor and the new use will required. In the design the small but iconic chimney has been consolidated and reused for the new plants and the mechanical and electrical systems centralized to save energy. Photovoltaic and thermal panels have been used to increase the performances of the building.
Particularly attention has been given to the acoustic system and the insulation of the lecture rooms as well at the illumination of the desks. New double glazed windows has been proposed to replace the old and in the new glass elements. For the additional floor in the central area of the building we proposed the same architectural style but used a different colour to express the addition. A full immaterial glaze facade has instead been used as the new element that connects the buildings and the corridor overlooking the internal courtyard. The system is self supported and completely separated from the existing structure for better stability. With this layout the lecture rooms have been created using the existing vaulted space.  The introduction of modern elements with a careful restoration of the existing building brings it back to live and remind us our past and leads to our future.

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