Istituto Zooprofilattico






Studio Speri in collaboration with NextArchitetti, Galdo e Cocciolito entered the competition for the “Istituto zooprofilattico” (IZSAN), Teramo.

The complex lies on the natural slope of the Valley of Giserga and follows it, creating a system where the edges of the rectangular plant become three dimensional because of their simple reaching the ground. Blocks non-obtrusive characterized by great geometric rigor. Not a camouflage, but a solid element, a human artifact, made in relation and with great respect of the landscape, in an “open dialogue” between built form and natural form. From the wooden geometrical blocks start large glazed elements, like quartz coming out of the ground, irregular in their conformation and build with different material to create the same contrast that is part of the local landscape.

The building complex is divided into 12 blocks about 11.50 meters wide. (bands) and interspaced with corridors of separation about 2.5 meters. (inter-bands). The height of blocks is variable from one to three levels, which follow the progress of the slope. The functions are divided into three sub-systems. The first area, consisting of four blocks, is the interface with the outside world, bringing together all the public functions, representative, educational and communication. Conference rooms, offices, classrooms are the connection and at the same time the separation between workshops and the outside world. The two elements below are art of the subsystem related to the personnel: mess, kindergarten and recreational facilities occupy the central portion of the building. The third subsystem, six elements, contains the actual hardware of the Institute: workshops. They are located in central position formally being the “heart” of the activity.
There is also an horizontal division that organized the areas. The blocks are lifted from the ground to make way for a plate in shadow; a “serving” floor, the system of vehicular connections, divided into two systems of parking and storage. Adopting this layout the large area of roads and parking remains hidden from the view and doesn’t alter the balance of the environmental system.

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