Masterplan progetto

Souther Sudan Police Headquarter


South Sudan




Studio SPERI developed this concept for the new Southern Sudan Police General Headquarters on an area of 3 square Kilometres. It includes all the activities requested by the client and proposed few additions. The additional activities are aiming to improve the sustainability of the development both financially and environmentally and help is long term evolution.
All the ideas expressed in it can be used as guidelines and with further amendments re-sized and re-adapt into the Jonglei State Level Headquarters, Western Equatorial State Level Headquarters, Eastern Equatorial State Level Headquarters, Central Equatorial State Level Headquarters.
The main activities requested on the memorandum are:

  • Modern Police Headquarter,
  • Modern Police Hospital,
  • Police Officers’ Club,
  • Southern Sudan Police Academy & Additional Multi-propose houses,
  • SSPS Training Centred & Additional Multi-purpose houses,
  • Senior Officers’ Mess, Medium Officers’ Mess, Junior Officers’ Mess,
  • Houses for Senior Officers, Medium Offcers, Junior Officers, Other Ranks
  • Police Schools (Child cares, primary & junior schools),
  • Multi-purpose Corporative complex,
  • Multi-purpose sport complex.
    Approaching this task we focused on the great benefits that such development could bring to the South Sudan Citizens. New schools will be an incredible investment for the future and new hospitals will bring health to the entire population.
    The new scheme will have a modern design to symbolize the modernity of the country. The “urban” design will make the development easy to live, friendly and welcoming. The hierarchy in its organization, with the creation of different zones, will follow the military chain of command and the different levels between its members.
    After having analyzed the activities requested in it we decided to adopt two main urban schemes.
    First, the typical military rigidity and austerity where to locate all the main training activities, academy, hospital, other ranks mess and barracks. Those areas will be carefully planned in all the access points to achieve an high security compound. Furthermore internally all the connections will aim to provide the highest level of functionality
    Second, the residential area where the senior offices will live. This will follow the relaxing schemes typical of the best resorts in the world. This part of the development will also include the senior officers club and a golf course.
    Between those two areas we introduced a buffer zone with in it offices, commercial centre, theatres, cinemas, bar, schools and religious places. At the top, in a focal point the H.Q., a star tower symbolizing the national flag, will be positioned.

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