Frosinone Hospital




Frosinone A.S.L.


In 1999 Studio Speri won the international competition for a new 400 beds, 170.000 cubic meters hospital in Frosinone, located one hour away from Rome in a medium-high seismic zone.

The 10 storeys building has two are underground floors. From the first until the fourth floor are located diagnosis and treatment departments while the others floors are used for hospitalisation. An heliport is positioned on the roof of the hospital.
The new hospital is the first seismic isolated hospital designed in Europe and has been chosen by the Italian Seismic Service, a governmental agency that is in charge of earthquake protection in the country, as pilot-example for future applications.
In view of the paramount importance of this facility in case of an earthquake, we set as basic requirement the full functionality of the hospital after a seismic event with a target return period of 500 years.
The system of isolators placed between foundations and superstructure allows to de-couple the ground motion to the building motion and dissipates a large amount of seismic energy before it hits the building. Several finite element models of the structure have been built and non-linear dynamic analyses under natural ground motion excitations have been carried out. The resistant structures are reinforced by concrete frames.
Architecturally the major challenge has been to achieve the maximum efficiency, technical and economical, without compromise the comfort of the patients.
Particularly attention has been given to the floors and rooms layout in making them functional for the doctors and the family visitors. Furthermore studies for the “control of light” have been carried out in order to give at each room the right exposure.

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