Ospedale Fronte

Santo Spirito Hospital




A.S.L. Roma-E - S.A.C. S.p.a.


Studio Speri won the competition for the design and site supervision of the Santo Spirito hospital renovation and expansion in Rome.
The 9.5 millions Euros of works interested:

  • Complete functional renovation (except the departments of Gynecology/Obstetrics and Diagnostic imaging) of the main hospital built during the 30’s, located alongside the Lungotevere and divided in buildings B/C/D/E/F;
  • Refurbishment, cleaning and restoring of the main facade;
  • Construction of a new building, with accessible roof from the public, to create a direct link between level 0 and 1 of the opposite buildings all part of the Hospital complex;
  • Renovation of the building “A” at ground level where are located the surgeries room;
  • Renovation of existing nuns housing, at level 3, in the area called Courtyard of sisters, to accommodate laboratories for analysis;
  • Addition of new Transfusion Centre where once was the courtyard of Santa Tecla and currently the Treasurer’s Office.
  • Addition of first aid rooms at ground floor of the courtyard “del Pozzo”;
  • Planning of the outdoor areas and construction of a new ramp for ambulances access;
  • Location of the new powerhouse and ENEL in the basement of the main hospital;
  • Positioning of a new central cooling system in the building formerly used as incinerator behind the ancient defensive wall called “Leonine Wall”.
  • Structurally the building’s analysis found that the construction is mainly in masonry with structural walls thick 1.2 m. at the basement level and 0.50-0.60 m. to the upper floors. The roofs are mostly pitched.
    Additionally it has been detected a widespread degradation in most of the masonry and the wooden elements. Structural interventions were necessary in order to comply with the new uses especially in public locations. They can be divided into the following types: creation of new structures in reinforced concrete to reinforce the existing floors; Implementation of new steel structures where needed; Refurbishment and consolidation of existing structural walls

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