Panama Bridge






Studio Speri worked as consultant for HAREC in the project for the existing DECAL oil terminal located in Taboguilla Island (in the proximity of the South entrance of the Panama Canal). It includes 12 tanks and one jetty providing berths to tankers up to 250’000 DWT and has been extended to fulfil the commercial requirement for an increase of its capacity of oil product, loading and discharge. The extension will increase the number of tanks and allow berthing of two more vessels of 7.000 DWT capacity.
The main activities of the project included:

  1. Characterisation of the met ocean climate at the site;
  2. Bathymetric and topographical characterisation of the site;
  3. Geological and geotechnical characterisation of the site
  4. Development and comparison of different layouts to identify the optimal design solution
  5. Dynamic analysis of the jetty structure
  6. Structural design of the jetty extension including technical drawings
  7. Dredging
  8. Selection of fenders, bollards, quick release hooks, basilar and the cathodes protection of the whole terminal.

The design has been developed according to Spanish standards for the design of maritime structures (ROM) in order to guarantee the desired operation level of more than 300 days per year. The main structure is supported on piles and the superstructure includes a large loading platform and three mooring dolphins. All elements are pre-casted to facilitate the fast construction while improving the quality of the structure to preserve it in the aggressive marine environment. The loading platform is connected to the dolphins and the mainland by means of modular steel walkways that support the pipelines. The construction phases include: (a) Dredging, (b) Pre-cast of concrete elements, (c) Pile installation; (d) Assembling of the superstructure with pre-cast elements; (e) Setting pre-cast concrete blocks, (f) Construction of steel walkways; (g) installation of miscellaneous facilities (hand-railings, bollards, fenders, navigation light, tide gauge and marine notice boards).

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