1- Elevation

Maritime Station


Palermo - Italy


Studio Speri took part in the competition for the Palermo Maritime Station refurbishment and restyling.
Particular attention was placed on improving the aesthetic -functional –energy properties of the existing building. These improvements were designed with a strong interaction between the teams in order to produce a harmonious outcome respectful of the existing building.

The best alternative energy is to save energy. Therefore the building envelope, with particular reference to the masonry/window/shadowing elements, wall system and plant has been studied in detail to ensure a greater thermal and acoustic insulation. We enhanced the positives of the local climate and building position using resources such as natural ventilation, sun insulation, rainwater saving, photovoltaic and geothermal energy.

Taking into consideration that the architectural envelope is the first intermediary between inside and out, the interactions between building and environment are mostly through it. For this reason we have studied mechanisms which change the “skin” of the building depending on external circumstances. We proposed “active” response from the environment stimulations, both through the adaptation capabilities of the envelope elements and through the regulation of thermal energy flows that, depending on the seasons and the direction of flow, achieve earnings or heat dispersion of the building internal environment.

For a better use of internal space we have also made changes to the original layout and created facilities for the users’ entertainment. We also proposed improvements to the connection bridges between the ships and the building. That enhances not only the aesthetic but also the functionality and the range of use of the bridges increasing the capabilities of the maritime station being able to connect a wider variety of boats.

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