Malpensa Airport Control Tower


Malpensa - Milano


RTI Impregiro S.p.A. - E.N.A.V. -


The new Milan international airport “Malpensa 2000” has been inaugurated in November 1998 and it rapidly became one of the most important European hubs. Studio Speri  in collaboration with was Studio Valle successfully bid for the design and construction of the new control tower, related office building and technological station. The competition was held by the National Flight Control Association (E.N.A.V.).

We performed the structural design of all the above facilities with the aim to ensure the safe operability of the system during extremely rare and critic conditions (i.e. seismic event). The system was designed to maximize the continuity of the services, in respect of the ICAO specifications.
The control tower is about 70-meter height. The main resistant structure is a reinforced concrete circular core, with width varying from 30 to 50 cm. The core stiffness is increased by internal stair and horizontal slabs at different floors. Three steel-made bodies are supported by the reinforced concrete core: an up-side-down cone at the top of the tower, which houses the Weather Division; two rectangular boxes hanging on the core at the middle of it, which house Technical and I.T. division; a cone under the two boxes, which houses the Flight Control division. The floors consist of thin concrete slabs supported by steel girders. The steel structures are bolted to the concrete core.
The office building is a 3 storey, frame-type structure. The reinforced concrete columns and beam have variable dimensions along the length. This building is use as administrative offices.
The technological station is also a reinforced concrete frame-type structure. A large part of it store the equipment, the rest is used as warehouse.

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