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McKinsey Italia


McKinsey office in Rome is located in the centre of Rome in a lateral street from Via Veneto.

The existing listed building from the 1800 used as residential was completely revisited in the inside spaces making the best use of the existing vaulted rooms and internal courtyard. Studio Speri was appointed for the full service, from concept till completion as: architects, engineers and project managers.

This “all in one” situation gave us the possibility to control every aspect of the project and the close collaboration between the teams resulted in a project delivered on time and that excided the client expectation. Architecturally the challenge was to create an accessible, functional and prestigious space retaining as much as possible the existing configuration.  To achieve this result we introduced new impressive glazed stairs and glazed lift on the internal courtyard all self supported in order not to add weight on the existing old structure. A Glazed balustrade was installed on the circulation around the courtyard and a glazed roof installed. Furthermore glazed doors were used on the office to allow the light to go through all the building including the corridors. The offices and meeting rooms has been located all around. Structurally the building has been carefully analyzed and reinforced where necessary with steel elements concealed in it.  Technical plants have been concealed in old niches and machinery positioned on the roof to guarantee all the necessary comfort and functionality that a modern office required.

With those improvements both architectonical and structural the building was transformed not only in an edgy and modern efficient office, but also with the extensive use of the glass and new colours on the walls, to be perceived lighter and dynamic without losing its charm.

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