Due Diligence

Due Diligence is an activity that aims to evaluate the state of a property from a technical, legal and financial point of view, in order to understand the real economical evaluation of this. Than it defines the refurbishment / construction costs necessary to comply with the regulations and / or new use of the asset.

The legal part analyses the property compliance with the general town planning and implementation instruments and the property papers (ownership, titles, etc.). It checks them all and raises red flags when needed.

The technical part, architectural / engineering, analyzes the conservation and energy efficiency state of the building. Furthermore, if required, can be attached a concept design for new uses of the property.

The financial part takes into account the first two, defines the value of the property and analyses immediate and future costs related to maintenance, adjustments or construction. It also analyzes the current and potentials uses, taking into account its geographical location and the market trends.