Central Library


Tripoli - Libya


Tripoli Municipality


The Tripoli Central Library is an extremely interesting and challenging project. It aims to create a cultural hub with many different attractions for all the ages. A place where the community can meet, discuss, relax and a lodging for scholars. It also aspires to revitalize the surrounding areas with the creation of an iconic building that could inspire visitors and rise as cultural landmark for the nation. Furthermore the design intends to meet all the requirements of a highly efficient building, easy to maintain and run with a sustainable architecture that takes into consideration the local climate and gets the best out of it.

Therefore the Library has to be:

Inspiring - Raised above the ground, the complex is accessible through a monumental stair that leads to the “canyon” square. Here the massive volumes and the unusual shapes create a dynamism between the buildings. Taller than the surrounding developments of two/three floors it will give to the guests the opportunity to enjoy a new fantastic view of the city. Inside, an astonishing 30 meters height atrium welcomes the readers. From it they can see the sky above them and thousands of books “floating in the air”.

Efficient РEfficiency starts from the division of it in two independent buildings. This separation allow us to keep the school, seminar rooms, restaurant and theatre/auditorium open until late hours with less running costs and less noise for the library users. The efficient design continues with the external envelope, created to insulate the inside from the street noises, the sun heath and excessive light. Furthermore it is guaranteed by the extremely regular and flexible internal space able to accommodate all the present and future  library needs

Attractive -  The objective is to create knowledge and personal growth. Here the students can learn using one of the many reading rooms, study rooms, relaxation rooms, school classes, seminar rooms, art exposition and theatre or restaurant. However they can also live it looking at the buildings and their challenging shapes. Thinking at the technological achievement that makes them possible.

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