Seismic Risk Mitigation




Ministero della Salute


Studio Speri recently won this prestigious competition promoted by the Italian Ministry of Health.

The job consisted in a large campaign of studies to evaluate the actual response and to propose alternative retrofit solutions on Italian hospitals in a seismic event. The project aimed to develop a methodology for Regional Authorities and the National Agency of Health to use for the assessment of the risk due to a seismic event in the operability of the Italian hospital system at regional scale. The outcomes of the project include guidelines for the improvement of the reliability of the existing system and the minimization of human and economical losses while minimizing the downtime of the system during most extreme events.

In particular, the study focused on two large Italian hospital systems located in Calabria Region: the “Bianchi- Melacrino” hospital in Reggio Calabria (545 beds) and the “Ospedale Civile” in Lamezia Terme (366 beds). Starting from the evaluation of the reliability of individual hospital system, the study has explored the response of the entire Regional network trough the analysis of selected scenarios.

In details we have:

  • identified the major hospitals in the Region;
  • evaluated the structural and non-structural vulnerability of each hospital;
  • evaluated the medical response in emergency of each hospital;
  • evaluated the road network response;
  • estimated the number of the injured people as function of the demographic and the structural vulnerability of the building stock; and finally
  • evaluated the response of the entire Regional Health system for different scenarios.

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